“In those days there were seen upon the moor two wandering creatures:  phantoms of the darkness.  The countryfolk said that one appeared in the form of a Woman.  The other beast strode the paths of the fen in the likeness of a monstrously large man.  And the people called him:   Grendel.”

The Grendelmas

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC

Eleven men, Two women, One Cathedral

St John the Divine Cathedral, New York, NY
Concert Reading, August 1991

Cabe Theatre, Hendrix College, Conway, AR
World Premiere, November 11, 1992

I have a mind to speak tonight of bodies changing  form:

And, O, you gods, as origin of all the changing forms

breathe life into my labors here...these Metamorphoses.

a   solo   play

for rhapsode

(with harp)

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Winner of the 1991 Hendrix-Murphy Playwriting Award